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A glam troubadour spilling secrets, Prince Johnny is the project of Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Victor Kholod. With music that spans delicate piano ballads to big-band sing-alongs, Kholod explores sexuality, shame, and mental health with brutal & often poetic honesty. A one-time Boston University mathematics and statistics student, he brings an analytical and concise approach to his genre-bending songwriting, fusing elements of indie, cabaret, folk, and pop.

Born to Jewish refugee parents fleeing the crumbling Soviet Union, Kholod grew up with his father’s bootleg MP3s of Russian alt rock acts like Zemfira and t.A.T.u. and, at 13, began teaching himself piano with YouTube Regina Spektor tutorials. His roots lie in contemporary songwriters like Amanda Palmer, Perfume Genius, Mitski, and St. Vincent, from whom he found inspiration for his nom de plume.

After graduating in 2016, Kholod moved to New York and survived by busking in subway stations, adopting a theatrical and immediate storytelling style caught between German cabaret raunch and 70s Troubadour oration. His work has been praised in music blogs "comeherefloyd" & "Tinnitist."

Noticing a lack of queer spaces in the New York open mic scene, Kholod created “The Troubadour Lounge,” a monthly queer singer-songwriter charity showcase - like Sofar Sounds mixed with Tiny Desk, but gayer. Each month he scours the NYC scene & finds 3 queer acts to join him for a night of music & heart-centric community. To date, he has raised more than $600 for the Ally Coalition, a nonprofit that uses music to fight discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.